Wide Variety of Decorative Faux Finishes for Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Cabinetry, Glass, etc.

Andy Thomas, master faux painter and artist, will gain customer’s trust with his ability to listen to your ideas and execute them in a professional manner together with cleanliness and artistic creativity. Describe what you are looking for and he’ll make that dream happen. No job is too big or too small.

Bring a lot of joy into your home!

Make your home one-of-a-kind…

Imagine the atmosphere of your home or place of business, where interior design plays an important role in creating an unforgettable feel of elegance, warmth, originality, and makes your
place one-of-a kind.

Versatile Strokes can achieve that one-of-a-kind look with delicate hand-painted decorative finishes on your walls, furniture, accent pieces or any place you can imagine.

Versatile Strokes can help you bring out the very best in the character of your home or place of business or give it a total makeover – take your plain walls and create something new and original – the style your home deserves.

The faux finishes can be applied to many surfaces – walls, ceilings, wood cabinetry, floors – make columns look like marble, mantels like old stone, give extra decoration to crown moldings, frames, kitchen hoods, accessories, countertops etc. A mural can give your room, kitchen or bathroom another dimension you’ve never thought existed. The paints used are water based, color safe, durable, non-yellowing, will not fade and are environment friendly.

Wall Finishes
wide variety of finishes for any room, bathroom, hallway, from Old World finishes to contemporary ones. Anything is possible.
accent ceiling finishes – can transform a whole room from simple to sophisticated elegance that brings charm to its space.
Murals and other art
mural can add another dimension to any area, pencil art or canvas paintings also available.
Furniture Finishes
can change the look of an older piece without having to replace it or a brand new one into an antique looking piece, anything is possible.
Floor Finishes
micro toppings on concrete floors can be a way to go, also possible floor designs, murals or graphics on the floors.
finishes over the existing counters or new ones to make them look like stone or any custom design.
3D artwork pieces, sculpted by the artist – can be uses as accents in different areas from small to large scale pieces.
Also many other finishes on smaller accent pieces like mirror frames, kitchen hoods, light switches etc…
Repairs & Touch-ups
Repairs and touch-ups, color matches such as stone, furniture, walls etc…..

Miner’s Cart

Here is my reclaim metal finish and miners cart finish done in powder room.

Deer Creek Retreat

Carved wood panel doors painted in oil rub copper bronze finish to enhance carving details and create a dramatic statement.